Stefan works in the fields of sound art and multimedia composition, often in collaboration with visual artists. He studied Media Technology, graduated with a thesis on musical acoustics and almost became an engineer. However, technology is not an end in itself, and so he practised experimental sound design and spatial composition in the Master's programme Timebased Media Sound / Vision at HAW Hamburg. His graduate project, Der Bau is an audiovisual installation with 3D sound and was awarded the Karl H. Ditze Prize in 2013. From 2015 he studied Multimedia Composition at HfMT Hamburg with focus on computer music, live electronics and video art. He graduated in 2018 with the audio-visual installation Unten.

Stefan started his doctoral studies in 2019 in the graduate programme Kinetics in Sound & Space at HAW and HfMT Hamburg, where he researches on aesthetics and perception in virtual 3D sound scenes. In addition to his academic activities, Stefan is involved in various musical projects, currently as one half of the improvising duo bandschlupf and as a member of the ensemble L'art pour l'art, where he performs live electronics for contemporary music.




  • 2020
    • remote Chaos Computer Club, Chaostrawler
    • Workshop and radio concert with Gerriet K. Sharma at Soundlab Hamburg
    • Blurred Edges, Künstlerhaus Faktor, Hamburg
    • ArtSearch Symposium, HfMT Hamburg
    • Stage 2.0, Forum, HfMT Hamburg
  • 2019
    • Summerschool 2019 – Künstlerische Forschung, HfM Detmold
    • Magistralen, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
    • CSA Kavarna, Cremona (IT)
    • Kulturelle Landpartie, Wendland
    • Blurred Edges, Gartenkunstnetz, Hamburg
    • Die Konferenz, Central Congress, Hamburg
    • Jupi Bar, Gängeviertel, Hamburg
    • MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
  • 2018
    • Transitions, CCRMA Stanford
    • Raum links rechts, Gängeviertel, Hamburg
    • Graduate concert, M.A. Multimedia Composition, HfMT Hamburg
  • <= 2017
    • Next Generation 7.0 – Sensorik, ZKM Karlsruhe
    • Zither auf Zeche, Zeche Zollern, Dortmund
    • Blurred Edges, Hamburg
    • Next Generation 6.0 – Immersion, ZKM Karlsruhe
    • Klub katarakt - Festival für experimentelle Musik, Kampnagel, Hamburg
    • Koordinaten – Festival der räumlichen Medien, FH Kiel
    • Greatest Hits – Festival für zeitgenössische Musik, Kampnagel Hamburg


Stefan Troschka
Finkenau 35
22081 Hamburg



Website: Stefan Troschka
Photos: Taizhi Shao (Missverstandenes fehlinterpretiert)
Hirn & Wanst (Hidden Tracks)
Hanjo Müller (Unten)
Christopher Kuss (Licht in Dunkel, Big Data)
Stephen Ulrich (Der Bau)

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